Are You Ready for a Day on Lake Palestine?

Our marina has everything you need in Chandler, TX

Whether you’re looking for a place to boat or to fish, you’ll find everything you need at Lake Palestine—the largest lake in the Tyler, TX area. Flat Creek Marina and RV is here to help you get out on the water for a day of fun. 


We sell bait and tackle supplies for anyone who’s looking to catch one of the lake’s bass, crappie or catfish. The lake is 40 square miles of freshwater and has an average depth of 16 feet. Visit Flat Creek Marina and RV today to get everything you need for a fun-filled day on Lake Palestine.

Spend the night at the lake

If you're looking to spend the night on the lake, we offer RV parking spaces and cabin rentals. It's a great way to enjoy a weekend or a week-long getaway on the water. This way, there's no rush to get home - you'll already be there. Enjoy life on the water by contacting Flat Creek Marina and RV today.